The most uncertain and stressful times can bring about inspiration and the most amazing innovations!
At OTFC we value our clients' and our own health above all, therefore the amazing therapists and
admin team have been working beyond their working days to create an online platform that allows
families to access therapy within the safety of their homes. We are all moving outside of our comfort
zone, but we ask the children, young people and adults who access our services to do this all the time,
so we are practicing what we preach! The approach and therapy is not what we are most familiar with
but as OT’s we know how to adapt, inspire and create to provide a service that is honest, purposeful and continues to facilitate change for our clients. 
Telehealth sessions will allow our clients the opportunities to work directly on transferring the skills we
practice within the clinic into everyday life. Our OT team will provide clear direction and demonstrations
of activities from within our therapy space that will allow your child to undertake these within your own
lounge room or even outside.  As long as you have access to a computer, tablet or phone as well as a
free space that you can utilise for about half an hour a week, we can do therapy this way!
We are so excited about what this might afford families now and in the years ahead, it is remarkable
what has taken place in such a short period of time. We thank you for your encouragement, support
and genuine concern and we look forward to the unknown, not with apprehension but with a sense
of optimism and creativity.



                      Dino Mennillo (BAppSc – OT)
Clinical Director


If you are interested in the services offered by OTFC & OTFC+ and are not a current client,
please call (08) 8410 4522 or email admin@otfc.com.au


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