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The loyal OTFC community has motivated the amazing OTFC team to work tirelessly behind the scenes to put together a plan to get Teletherapy underway at the OTFC Group. This will not be what families and therapists have been familiar with, however, our commitment and work ethic remains the same and we will adapt to support our families and their children during this difficult time. The processes and plans we have developed will keep OTFC group viable for the future and whilst there is so much uncertainty about what the immediate future holds for us all, we know that in time we will need to be ready to recommence services as they once were and do so with confidence.


This means we would connect over the internet weekly to carry out modified OT sessions like a video call or face time.


We will use ‘Zoom’ to carry out our Teletherapy sessions, an easy-to-use program which can be downloaded off App Stores or Google onto any electronic device with a camera and microphone.


You can purchase OTFC’s ‘Therapy Box’ of items (if you don’t already have some items at home) and as long as you have a free space (approximately 3 metres by 3 metres) that you can allocate to your child’s therapy, we can do therapy this way. Therapy boxes are available in our online store.

For more on this, please see our FAQ.


If you are currently engaging in a ‘block’ of therapy or were booked into to begin one in the near future, your OT would have contacted you with a suitable and personalised Teletherapy program moving forward.

Teletherapy Program Options:


  1. Teletherapy – 1 hour

    • 30 minute teleconference (online therapy consult with client and OT – similar to usual OT sessions at OTFC Group but online)

    • 10 minute "catch up" with guardian before or after the session

    • 20 minute notes / homework email

    • Provided weekly

  2. Interactive Home Program – 1 hour

    • 10 min preparation for parent consult

    • 30 minute parent consult discussing strategies / tailored home program / homework ideas / parent education

    • 20 minute notes / email / administration 

    • Guardian does the home program with the client during the week

    • Weekly consults and homework updates

  3. End of Therapy – 1 hour

    • No Teletherapy options required at this time

    • OT to schedule in a 15 minute online or phone consult to complete therapy process

    • OT to provide OTFC Group foundation home program for client to continue with at home

    • Resolve administration tasks including notes and report




What technology will I need for teletherapy?

To access teletherapy within your home you will require the following:

  • Internet access

  • Access to the zoom app

  • One of the following technology devices

    • computer

    • lap-top

    • I-pad / tablet

    • I-phone or smart phone

How do I get Zoom?

You can access Zoom by downloading this from your phone’s app store and installing this onto your phone or tablet directly. Alternatively, you can also access Zoom by Googling this via your internet browser and following the prompts given

You will be sent a meeting invitation from your treating therapist via email. Within this invitation it will have your scheduled meeting time as discussed with your OT or OTFC Admin Support person prior. You will then be required to click on the link within the invitation when it is time for your meeting, from here your OT will appear and join you for your child’s session.


How much space will I need?

In order for your child to get the most out of their teletherapy session we recommend you have a minimum or 3.0 x 3.0m free of unrestricted space for your child to move within. A cleared lounge room floor would be perfect for most activities that will be completed with your OT. In addition, your treating therapist may also ask for you to have access to a table for some activities.


How much will this cost?

OTFC Group Teletherapy will be charged at the same rate as usual sessions for both NDIS and Private families.


What equipment will I need?

We are aware that not all families will have the same access to equipment and that this will be different from client to client. Our therapists have been busy planning activities that can be completed mostly with small house hold items, however there are some additional items of equipment that are not essential but we do strongly recommend having access to in order to get the most out of the online sessions.

As a result we have put together two different types of “Therapy Boxes” to be available by the end of the week. The first of these is a smaller item therapy box which includes things like bean bags, balloons, chalk, masking tape, and paper. The second of these is a larger item therapy box which includes items such as shaving cream, gym ball, scooter board, skipping rope and bowling pins. We recommend you make contact with your plan manager or local area coordinator (LAC) to find out if these therapy boxes can be claimed within your own child’s NDIS plan. Our OT’s are happy to write a supporting letter or email as to why these items are required for therapy if NDIS request this.


How much time will it take?

Teletherapy will involve approximately 5 minutes of discussion at the beginning with the guardian to discuss challenges that have arisen over the past week. We will then aim to deliver 30 minutes of therapy to your child. At the conclusion of the session there will be a further 5-minute discussion with the parent to discuss homework for the coming week and plan for the next session.

As for the interactive home program, this will involve an initial 30- minute phone consult with the parent or guardian to discuss each activity listed within the home program. The OT will also be able to discuss with the parent any concerns or potential challenges that may arise with completing the program at home.

  • Teletherapy: 30 mins with client online, 10 minutes with guardian, 20 minutes admin

  • Interactive home program: 30 mins phone consult, 30 mins admin

What does my therapy block look like?

The OTFC Group will continue to work towards completing weekly sessions for the entirety of your child’s therapy block. This will be different for each family and will be based on what is currently booked within our appointment schedule but will range from the standard 10-15 sessions per block. At the conclusion of the sessions the treating OT will complete a NDIS progress report as would have been done for clinic-based therapy also.

We will continue to aim for a 3 month break in between ‘blocks’ of therapy, however given the nature of our climate there will be more flexibility within the breaks for your child to potentially complete additional sessions via telehealth. However, this will be dependent upon your treating OT’s availabilities.


Does online therapy (teletherapy) work?

We will still be working towards your child’s goals as effectively as possible however the intensity may not always meet the same level as at our practice due the equipment restrictions we have.

By working this way though, we can increase the frequency of input as you will gain the confidence to work with your child therapeutically outside of sessions more often; your relationship with your child may be enhanced which has excellent functional outcomes and you will begin to see the potential for everyday situations to become learning and sensory opportunities


Can teletherapy be done outside of home?

Provided your child is able to access the zoom app from their device outside and there is sufficient space and equipment available, telehealth sessions can be completed anywhere and that is what we are excited about.


Who can be involved in teletherapy?

We highly recommend that within the initial stages of teletherapy and whilst the novelty surrounding online sessions remains present for your child, that no siblings are involved within the session. We suggest that where possible all distractions be removed to allow for your child to receive the most from their online session. It is however necessary that a trusted adult is available at all times to support the child where needed.


Will I be given homework to do with my child if I take part in teletherapy?

Yes- as per face to face sessions, you will be provided with exercises to do during the week to maximize progress and positive outcomes


When can we come back to therapy like normal?

When it is deemed safe by SA Health and when all protective measures have been taken to ensure you, we and all those we come in to contact with will remain safe and healthy.

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